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SGD 1,100.00

raised of SGD 300,000.00 goal

Christian Outreach to the Handicapped is a Charity Staff of the beneficiary.

The money raised through Flag Day 2018 (after deducting expenses incurred) will be allocated to our Needy Client's Fund and Caregivers' Support & Training Fund for the direct benefit of our clients and their families, and to our General Fund to cover daily operating expenses.

Currently, we care for 105 clients in 3 centres and the number will go up to 155 clients this year. To provide our clients with the best quality program daily, it cost around S$1800 per month per client. 

However, 80 to 90 percent of our clients are subsidised so that they don't burden their family by paying that much. In fact, 45% of our clients are paying less than S$100 per month. 

We will pick up all clients islandwide with our vans to our centres. We also provide the daily activities, we cook and provide food on a daily basis.

Be ur Flag Day Ambassadors to raise fund together :) If you cannot, 
you can DONATE so that these special people in our community can also have a quality life they deserve.

Your contributions to this Flag Day will go a long way in helping to lift a sizeable financial load off of us.

Join Us As Flag Day Ambassadors, sign up form details here

For other means of donation, pls refer to our website

Spread the Word! Make a Donation! Thank You!